A vacation rental property with a pool overlooking a purple sky during sunset

Vacation Rentals are expensive, aren't they?

With rentals you get a brilliant experience and get to create cherished memories, but you have to spend so much money for something so temporary.

A few days a year is fine but the more you travel, the more you pay, and more is your guilt. Vacation rentals are a costly affair.

With StayOften they aren't even an expense.
Stayoften converts a majority of your vacation rental expense into an investment so you can travel guilt-free. It's that simple.
Only caveat? Travel more often.

Count me in

We’re OTW with something exciting.

We're a startup at the cusp of travel and fintech - our upcoming pilot offers you the freedom to travel more often by converting your vacation rental expense into an investment.

Launching in March 2023:
Premium Weekend Getaway Villas

Our Launch Phase consists of a collection of amenity filled premium villas in dreamy weekend destinations 1-2 hours away from your city. Ideal for those who prefer an escape to relax and rejuvenate with friends and family. Our offering allows access to a range of premium properties through an investment instead of a cost. Stay tuned for more details.
Planned Future Phases (July 2023 onwards):
Luxury Spaces at Exotic Locations
Budget Backpacker Co-living Spaces

Sign up for early access.

We're launching our pilot with limited slots, we will inform you when we launch and if you show interest we will be placing you at the beginning of the closed beta waitlist queue. P.S. We won't spam.

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